Hot Stone Massage Therapy

"Kneads" & Stones

Chronic pain being replaced with a deep sense of relaxation is one of the benefits reported by many of those who have experienced a hot stone massage. Used over two thousand years ago in China to promote the health of internal organs and in ancient Roman baths as a means of relaxation, warm stones as part of a massage technique cannot be traced to one single country as this practice is recorded in many major civilizations; one modern technique that is widespread in the US is derived from a Native American tradition. Historically a hot stone massage, also known as a river rock or lava stone massage, has had a strong religious or folk connection.

During a hot stone massage the client begins by lying face-down on a massage table. Using many of the basic techniques from a classic Swedish massage, the masseur places lightly oiled stones which have been heated in water to around 130 degrees Fahrenheit at strategic locations across the back and neck, between the toes, and on any other targeted area. The warmed stones radiate their heat into the surrounding muscle tissue and fascia, softening down multiple layers which can then receive attention from the masseur. Cold marble stones may also be incorporated for contrast.

The elevated temperature of the stones provides some unique benefits:

  • Increased circulation in the lymphatic and blood systems

  • Relaxed muscles and tissues that allow for a greater depth of massage without adding extra pressure

  • Relief from menstrual cramps

  • Spasm relief

  • Increased flexibility

An increased strength of the immune system, digestion, and detoxification are also benefits of this type of procedure. A deeply relaxing experience, a hot stone massage can be enjoyed by anyone, and is particularly recommended for relief from:

  • Carpal tunnel, arthritis, and other joint problems

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Sports injuries

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Spasms